Ice Melters

 The 2017-2018 Ice Melter Early Order Program is now in effect! Order early to get your best price of the season!

Level 1 - Pre-season

Order by August 1, 2017
Take by September 22, 2017
Net Due January 10, 2018

Level 2 - Early Order

Order by September 15th, 2017
Take by November 15th, 2017
Net Due January 1, 2018

Level 3 - In Season

Order after September 15, 2017
Take when available
Net due 30 days.


Spring Valley Ice Melters contain Defrost, an organic anti-icing agent derived from fermented and distilled corn, and when used alone it has a freezing point of -67°F. When combined with common ice melting ingredients, Defrost increases their effectiveness and reduces chloride use. The special Defrost coating also helps to inhibit corrosion in ferrous metals by up to 45%.

               Professional Ice Melter                                                    Tenderfoot Ice Melter